Massachusetts Programs for Children and Adolescents with Learning Disabilities and/or Behavioral/Emotional Issues

All of our programs are designed to provide a continuum of services to assist very troubled youngsters and adolescents who need intensive and comprehensive help for themselves and their families. Our goal is always to provide the appropriate level of intervention needed to return the child to a family environment, whether the biological, adoptive, or foster family setting.

Across all programs at St. Ann's Home and School, children have in common the need for intensive services due to social, emotional, or behavioral issues.

Residential Programs

125-pic4.gifThe typical child entering our main residence or one of our group homes comes with a background of multiple chronic problems which threaten to produce destructive effects in the child's later life. These problems typically manifest themselves in the form of special emotional and behavioral needs accompanied by delays in their education.

Day School Program

Children in our Day School Program are able to live within a family setting but have special educational needs [social, emotional, or behavioral] that cannot be met within their public schools.

Medical Department

The Medical Department of St. Ann’s Home and School attends to the medical needs of the children in our various programs, and also provides comprehensive children and adolescent psychiatric care.

Outpatient Programs

Finally, children served in our Outpatient Program receive therapeutic services designed to help support the child and family with the intent of either preventing the need for a higher level of care or to facilitate a successful transition back into a family setting.